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CR2PI is a national leader on research, evaluation and policy analysis focused on women, communities of color and low-income individuals and families. In our research and analysis, we play close attention to the impact of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and other markers of difference on program implementation and outcomes; public policies implemented at the local state and federal levels; and non-profit leadership development. We also work to understand the structural and institutional barriers to success and opportunity for groups and individuals in society.

Original Reports and Briefs

CR2PI has worked with dozens of organizations and philanthropic partners to produce high quality original reports and briefs focused on a wide range of issues from economic security and opportunity to workforce development to reproductive justice.

What organizations like most about partnering with us is that we not only possess the technical skills to produce an excellent report, but we also have a racial and gender analysis and perspective often missing from many mainstream reports.

Outside and External Evaluation

CR2PI partners with organizations to develop evaluation tools and metrics to reach targeted goals and increase impact. At the research and development stage of a project and initiative, we can help figure out what to measure; set realistic and attainable goals; and create tools that can be used over the duration of the project to track progress. We also have experience in large-scale survey design, data collection, and analysis.

To partner with us, please send an email to