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January 31, 2014–CR2PI Research Helps Win Wage Increase for Over 8,000 Airport Workers

 Above Board: Raising the Standards for Passenger  Service Workers at the Nation’s Busiest Airports written by CR2PI’s Executive Director, C. Nicole Mason helped to win a much needed wage increase for more than 8,000 low-wage [...]

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Worlds Apart: New Index Reveals Sharp Race and Class Divide for Neighborhoods and Women in New York City

For black and latino women in New York City, overcoming poverty is like to winning the lottery — very few ever win and the odds are about the same. A newly released Economic Security and [...]

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Amid Pressure, NYC Anti-Choice Billboard Targeting Black Women and Communities Comes Down

From welfare reform to single motherhood, images of Black women and girls have often been used to promote agendas and public policies that run counter to their agency and autonomy. A three story billboard placed [...]

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