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Our Approach

CR2PI is one of only a handful of research and policy centers across the country that employs an intersectional framework and analysis to pressing social issues from poverty to education to health. An intersectional framework plays close attention to the impact of race, class, gender, and other markers of difference on resource allocation and policy decisions at the local, state and federal levels.

Our research questions and analysis are shaped by the expressed needs of communities and a strong desire to paint an accurate and vivid picture of what is happening in those communities. By involving and engaging communities and stakeholders in the research and policy-making process, we believe there is stronger chance that individuals and community members will become invested and active agents for change.


Our Guiding Questions

Three central questions drive the research and analysis of the Center for Research and Policy in the Public Interest:

  1. Using a two-generation approach and strategy, how can we create true economic opportunity for all and build more connected communities across the U.S.
  2. What impact does race, class, gender, and other markers of difference have on pressing social problems such as poverty, health disparities, immigration, unemployment, and housing?
  3. How can we ensure the lived experiences and realities of individuals and communities are taken into account when crafting public policies and legislation enacted at the local, state, and national levels?