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Sound Public Policies Can Serve as a Road Map for Where We Want to End Up.

Policy and systems-level change at the local, state and federal levels are critical to increasing economic opportunity and security for individuals and families. As such, we need policies and practices that are responsive and reflective our new economic reality.

Using the most current data and analysis of current and proposed policies and legislation, we arm decision makers and key stakeholders with the tools necessary to advocate effectively at various levels for improved outcomes and accountability, and for resources to families and communities that are most often left behind in policy discussions.

In our work, we use the lens of economic security and opportunity to understand other challenges to success and opportunity such as lack of access to a quality education and health care; the over-criminalization of communities of color and immigrants; and the lack of affordable housing and access to homeownership.

Economic Security and Opportunity

At CR2PI, we believe there are four pillars to economic security for individuals and families: Quality Jobs, Income and Earnings, Social Supports and Assets. As such, we work with government, philanthropic and community partners, and other stakeholders to promote policies that improve the economic security and well-being of low-income women, families and communities in these four areas. Specifically, we focus on unemployment and quality jobs; entitlement reform and safety net measures; assets and tax provisions such as the Child Care Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit, among others.

Other priorities also include health and education disparities and immigration reform.