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What are Connected Communities?

Connected Communities are those that provide the necessary pre-conditions for individuals and families to achieve full economic opportunity from early childhood onward.

Connected Communities have high quality schools and vibrant community institutions such as hospitals, community centers and parks. The also have lower rates of violence, incarceration and arrests. Economically, connected communities have lower levels of unemployment, higher median earnings, and higher levels of home and small-business ownership. They are also communities and neighborhoods where corporations are more likely to invest or set up shop.

Across the U.S, communities and neighborhoods of concentrated poverty are more likely to be disconnected, meaning they lack the material and social conditions necessary to thrive.

In order to move families toward true economic security and to break the cycle of poverty, all neighborhoods and communities must have access to quality education and health care; stable and affordable housing; and strong community institutions and businesses, such as hospitals, banks, libraries, and grocery stores.