Minimum Wage Increase Would Be Economic Boon

President Obama’s call to raise the minimum wage is a welcome relief. American workers, not big businesses, have been the biggest losers in a sagging economy and sluggish recovery. Stagnant job growth, coupled with record high employment, has forced many individuals and families to do more with less — including on the wage front. The [...]

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Amid Pressure, NYC Anti-Choice Billboard Targeting Black Women and Communities Comes Down

From welfare reform to single motherhood, images of Black women and girls have often been used to promote agendas and public policies that run counter to their agency and autonomy. A three story billboard placed at the entry of Manhattan of an African-American girl with the tagline "The Most Dangerous Place for an African American [...]

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New York Times Article Centers Place Based Strategies to Ease Inequalities

  October 26, 2013--Division Street U.S.A. New York Times article focuses on the significance of place to growing inequality in America as a part of its series The Great Divide. In the article, Robert Sampson boldy asserts that in matters of inequality, “neighborhoods matter even more than we think they do.” To read the full [...]

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