CR2PI JOINS $18 MILLION White House Collaborative to Advance Equity Through Research

CR2PI at The New York Women’s Foundation Joins $18 Million “Collaborative to Advance Equity through Research” Aimed at Improving the Lives of Women and Girls of Color New York, NY – The Center for Research and Policy in the Public Interest (CR2PI), at The New York Women’s Foundation (NYWF) will work with the “Collaborative to [...]

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CR2PI & SRBWI Participate in Webinar with Novo Foundation on Funding Initiatives focused on Women and Girls of Color

Question: If funding to support boys and men of color is a priority, with some two dozen foundations involved, why are women and girls of color not an equal priority? The fact is that few new philanthropic efforts are aimed specifically at improving the lives of girls and young women of color. This is one [...]

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CR2PI Executive Director attends Historic Summit on Women & Girls of Color at White House

by Maya Chung and Natalie Johnson Thirty leaders from foundations across the U.S. gathered at The White House Friday for a daylong forum on "Advancing Equity for Women and Girls of Color." The forum focused on issues that plague women and girls of color and highlighted the launch of "Prosperity Together," a $100 million, 5-year [...]

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The Nation Covers SRBWI Report on Women & Families in Rural South authored by CR2PI

--Dani McClain, reporter for the Nation Magazine covers the newly released report by the Southern Rural Black Women's Initiative (SRBWI) of the Children's Defense Fund and authored by the Center for Research and Policy in the Public Interest entitled Unequal Lives: The State of Black Women and Families in the Rural South The Groundbreaking report analyzes [...]

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CR2PI & NYWF Launch Fellowship Program for Women of Color Executive Directors and Mid-Level Managers

Lead the Way funded by American Express Philanthropies is a year-long fellowship hosted by the Center for Research and Policy in the Public Interest (CR2PI) at the New York Women’s Foundation for women of color mid-level managers and emerging Executive Directors working in U.S. based nonprofit and community-based organizations. To Learn more about the Fellowship [...]

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CR2PI joins YWCA, Domestic Worker’s Alliance & Roc New York for #POWHERList Poverty Discussion

#PowerHerList will host Google Hangout with major organizations focused on poverty and economic security. The gap between the richest and poorest Americans is widening. Half of all income in 2012 went to the top ten percent, and the U.S. has one of the highest child poverty rates of any developed country. Women can hold down full [...]

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July 2014–New Report from Women’s Funding Network, authored by CR2PI demonstrates strength of collective impact approach to building economic security for women and families

The Women’s Funding Network report, entitled Learning, Leveraging and Giving for High Impact, aims to inform both current and future conversations regarding the long-term economic security of women and families. Specifically, it focuses on the promising practices and strategies employed by six leading women’s foundations, and provides a useful framework and approach to grant making [...]

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January 31, 2014–CR2PI Research Helps Win Wage Increase for Over 8,000 Airport Workers

 Above Board: Raising the Standards for Passenger  Service Workers at the Nation’s Busiest Airports written by CR2PI’s Executive Director, C. Nicole Mason helped to win a much needed wage increase for more than 8,000 low-wage airport workers at John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports in New York City. The report carefully documents with stories from [...]

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Division Street U.S.A.

Division Street U.S.A. New York Times article focuses on the significance of place to growing inequality in America as a part of its series The Great Divide. In the article, Robert Sampson boldy asserts that in matters of inequality, “neighborhoods matter even more than we think they do.” To read the full article, click here.

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Worlds Apart: New Index Reveals Sharp Race and Class Divide for Neighborhoods and Women in New York City

For black and latino women in New York City, overcoming poverty is like to winning the lottery — very few ever win and the odds are about the same. A newly released Economic Security and Well-being Index for Women in New York City by the New York Women’s Foundation shows a strong link between the [...]

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